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 The individual meditations, included as free downloads with the purchase of my book, can be bought here separately.  Regardless of the length of time chosen to meditate, if bought and tried in this order: - The Garden, The Circle of Trees, The Woods & Mountain and The Fountain meditation, they have been created to train your mind to meditate, each one acting like a stepping stone to lift you a little higher than the one before raising your vibration and level of perspective. In essence, this is a complete course to teach yourself to meditate.


     I used to give the Sea meditation as homework as it is the easiest one to remember and create for yourself. It is so relaxing and easy to imagine that it also makes a very good sleep aid, which can also be bought here separately.

You will receive a link to download your digital product in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

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