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Important Information for Audio recordings

I begin all the meditations in the same way, in particular by tuning into the Light to cleanse and raise positive vibrations. I then take you into the story and leave you to meditate in peace for approximately 20 or 40 minutes actual meditation time, before I call you back. The exception to this is the *sleep aid, as no call back is necessary.

This album contains 9 tracks. All timings are approximate.

Basically there are four meditation stories, which are linked like stepping stones to help you train your mind, each one taking you a little higher than the one before.

The fifth story, the Sea meditation is a bonus track which is also a sleep aid.  Each one is free for you to listen to now or download and listen to later.  The album is also available on CD or USB and can be purchased in the shop.

While it is tempting to just do the meditations, you will never fully understand or appreciate what you are doing and why if you don't read the meditation section of the book.

If you struggle with visualisation don’t worry, just immerse yourself in the story as you don’t have to literally see everything I describe. The underlying pieces of music with these meditations are not intrusive. They have been especially chosen for their specific frequencies, like 432 hz, which has been found to be beneficial for the healing of body and mind. So it is advised that you use good headphones or a good speaker system, capable of picking up the lower registers of sound to experience the full benefit of these meditations.

There are no roads or maps in the mind except the ones we create. Every element in these meditations is there for a reason fully explained in my book: Crystal Clear Meditation with Crystals.

Once read, you will truly grasp the full depth of meditation, where it can take you and what it can do for you, regardless of whether you involve crystals or not.

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