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Teach yourself meditation with Crystals. Including guided meditation audio downloads.


Whether your mind jumps all over the place or you struggle with visualisation, meditation is a skill you can learn like any other.  This book will give you the tools and insight to achieve this and is easier than you think.


Crystal Clear Meditation with Crystals by Dinah Kibby - First published in Great Britain 2023 by Cobbles Crystal Publishing - ISBN:978-13999-6991-8



Book Size - 234mm x 156mm

Crystal Clear Meditation with Crystals - Book - by Dinah Kibby

  • Book Contents

    The book is divided into three sections: the first dealing with how to meditate, the second is packed with basic information of a psychic nature and the third is all about crystals, including the zodiac birthstones featuring 12 colour photographs with an in depth description of the stones.  Basically it is the kind of book you can read from cover to cover or just dip in to for the information you need.


    With the purchase of this book you can also access and download my audio recordings of four meditation stories, which are linked like stepping stones to help you train your mind, each one taking you a little higher than the one before. Plus a fifth meditation which includes a sleep aid.

  • How to get your free downloads

    When you receive your copy of my book 'Crystal Clear Meditation with Crystals' you will find a password inside. Enter this password on the 'Free stuff for book buyers!' tab and you will be able to listen and download the meditations from here.

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