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 Whether you are new to crystals or an experienced collector, this 84 page wire bound journal is designed to help you list and describe your crystal collection in a way that will make it easier to recognise and name your crystals. It is a system based on colour and is by far the easiest way to be able to name and remember the crystals in your collection. 


My Crystal Collection by Dinah Kibby - First published in Great Britain 2021 by Cobbles Crystal Publishing - ISBN:978-1-3999-1240-2


Journal size 210mm x 150mm

My Crystal Collection - Collectors Journal - by Dinah Kibby

  • Journal Contents

    The journal includes superb photographs of examples from each colour group and is filled with pages so you can record your crystal by its name, tick whether it is polished or rough and create your own description, which will help you to recognise your crystal later.

         A written journal will help you to remember their names and if you forget, you only have to look under their colour heading to identify which one it is.

         Another advantage is that the journal is small enough to take with you when you are buying crystals, so that you can see what you want to add to your collection. There is also a wish list in the back and a list of possible tumble stones you might like to collect.

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